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Trained And Fully Qualified Operatives

We have highly trained and fully qualified operatives to carry out the cleaning of all Carpets and Upholstery using various techniques depending on whether the carpet or upholstery is Synthetic or Natural. Each carpet or upholstery fabric is assessed to clarify the material and the condition, and the most suitable cleaning process will be discussed with the client along with the client’s expectations and the environment.

We have Hot Water Extraction machinery as well as Natural Organic Compounds and Equipment for Low Moisture or Dry Cleaning, so we are capable of cleaning Wool, Viscose, Cotton, Jute, Nylon, Acrylic, Polyester and Polypropylene Carpets, as well as Natural and Synthetic Upholstery Fabric.

Dry / Low Moisture Cleaning Technique

The dry / low moisture cleaning technique is also ideal for sensitive areas such as care homes or hospitals where noise levels are an issue. This cleaning procedure is effective and much quieter than the extraction machines.

We also have fully qualified and highly trained operatives to clean and shine all types of Hard Floors including Terracotta, Quarry Tile, Marble, Terrazzo, Stone, Linoleum, Vinyl and Rubber. Each floor and location will be carefully assessed, and the treatment or cleaning technique will be discussed with the client.

Call us: 01245 922 120


With the SkyVac, cleaning from the ground level not only negates all working from height dangers but dramitically reduces costs to our clients. No need for heavy equipment, area clearence and closure issues, as this single operative system offers superior efficiency and savings in time and costs.

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