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At Champion Services group, we offer a wide range of hard floor cleaning services in Essex. We can clean and restore some of the following types of hard flooring Essex:

Let’s take a closer look at the cleaning process for each of these hard flooring types, so you know what to expect from a hard floor cleaning contractor Essex.


Although marble floors are very resilient, they do need to be cleaned and cared for on a regular basis with the proper supplies and tools to keep them looking their best.

For longer-lasting, beautiful floors, it is highly advised that marble floors in high traffic areas have routine care and maintenance. The polished surface of your tiles will last longer if you regularly brush away dust and sand particles, keeping your flooring gleaming. Oils and sticky residue can be carefully removed from the surface by mopping with warm water and a neutral pH cleaning solution. Never use bleach or limescale-removing agents, stay away from spilling hot beverages and acids that might etch away at the surface.


Remove any loose dust or grit from the surface by vacuuming or wiping it down. Then, use a mop or cloth that has been wet with warm water to clean the sandstone pavers. If you want to clean sandstone tiles, you don't need to use any kind of chemical cleaner.

All that needs to be done is this general cleaning. But a professional cleaning service in Essex will be able to make it look as good as it did when it was first laid.

Natural stone

Using a brush and a mop to clean quickly will get rid of loose dirt. But after a while, dirt gets stuck to the surface of stone floors and makes them look dirty and worn. This makes the floors look dull and lifeless. This is especially true in places like the kitchen and hallway that get a lot of use.

But the results are much better when you hire a professional company like Champion Services Group. The step-by-step stone floor restoration processes that we use guarantee that your stone floors will be completely fixed and look smooth, shiny, and full of life again.


Limestone is sensitive to acid, so it should always be cleaned with a pH-neutral detergent, whether it's a pale honed tile or a black limestone paver.

Household cleaners should be avoided because they are often very acidic and will damage the stone, the grout, and the sealer. They will also make a shiny surface less shiny.

Surprisingly, many eco-treatments aren't good for limestone. They may be better for the environment, but they can still damage natural materials because they often contain acidic ingredients that help remove limescale and soap scum.


Travertine floors are easy to damage and need to be taken care of in the right way to stay clean and in good shape. Because travertine's pores, which are actually tiny carbon dioxide bubbles left over from when the stone was being made, are sensitive to chemicals found in many cleaning products, travertine is often hard to clean. Because the surface is porous, cleaning liquids can easily soak in and settle inside the stone.

However, travertine is easy to clean if you have the right tools and cleaning supplies, which is why it is best to call in the experts. Cleaning the tiles the right way helps them stay as clean as possible for as long as possible.

Hard floor cleaning in Essex

Ceramic and porcelain tiles

Ceramic and porcelain tiles have a stunning appearance and are extremely long-lasting due to their high level of durability. However, if they are not cleaned properly, they may appear discoloured.

Regular washing with a mild detergent is all that is truly required to maintain the cleanliness of the ceramic and porcelain floor tiles in your home. Steer clear of cleansers that contain bleach or ammonia, as well as anything that is oil-based. All of these components have the potential to wreak havoc on the tile's colour or finish.

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If you want to keep the surface free from scratches and abrasions, polishing and sealing it on a regular basis is an absolute necessity. In a similar vein, if you don't pay attention to it, that glorious reflective sheen will eventually lose its lustre. This does not mean that you should spend hours and hours every day laboriously cleaning every inch; rather, it should suffice to give it a quick wipe down with a cloth a few times per week. In the event that the surface has already begun to exhibit some abrasions, careful buffing will be required in order to remove them.

It is generally recommended to use specialised polishing equipment and chemicals in order to maintain the best possible shine; however, you should avoid using generic polish products because they can actually make the sheen worse. Because there is a possibility that marks could be made worse if the incorrect products are used, it is absolutely worth it to get the opinion of a professional if there is any doubt whatsoever.

Victorian quarry tiles

You can clean your Victorian quarry floor tiles by hand by following the instructions that are provided below. Be warned, it takes a lot more effort than you might think, so it may be worth getting in touch with a professional hard floor cleaning service Essex.

Vacuum the floor until all of the debris has been removed.

Apply a potent floor cleaning solution to a mop and use it to thoroughly clean the floor.

After you've mopped the floor, give it a rinse with some warm water.

Use some paper towels to thoroughly clean and dry the floor.

Victorian Tiles Floor Restoration Essex

Some types of hard floors need to be cleaned and cared for in different ways. A professional's assistance is essential if you want your Victorian floor tiles to last for as long as possible. As early as the 18th century, ceramics were being produced by a company known as Minton's Ltd. They created, among other things, lovely floor tiles bearing various repeating geometric designs. These ceramic tiles are so delicate that extra care must be taken during even routine maintenance. This is why searching for floor restoration near me is a good place to start to ensure your Victorian floor restoration Essex goes well.


Use a mild detergent to clean the slate tile floor with a mop. You can use a cleaning product that is designed specifically for washing natural stone, or you can use any other cleaning solution that does not contain lemon or vinegar – ideally, you should use a solution that is pH neutral. Rinse with clean water, then either allow it to dry naturally or pat it dry with a soft cloth.

For more stubborn stains, a professional hard floor cleaning service may be required.

Stone tiles

Choose a specialist product that is easy to use, based on water, and is for use on stone that has either been sealed or not been sealed.

The product should be diluted with warm water in accordance with the directions provided by the manufacturer. It is not a problem to use a sponge or a mop to clean the floor; however, you should scrub more vigorously in areas that are particularly dirty.

After allowing the product to sit on the surface for ten to fifteen minutes to work, rinsing it off multiple times with clean warm water and allowing it to dry completely is the next step.

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While you can clean most types of hard floor at home or in your business yourself, there is always the risk of inadvertently damaging it, or not doing a great job. If you have any doubts, or you want to make sure your hard flooring looks the best it can look, a professional hard floor cleaning service in Essex, London and the surrounding areas, such as Champion Services Group, is the best plan of action.

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