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Hard floor cleaning services in London are essential to the maintenance of your property’s hard floors. Regular cleaning ensures that your floors have a longer lifespan, increased aesthetic appeal, and present a professional look. These services are beneficial to several businesses including hotels, spas, offices, retail outlets, etc.

Apart from cleaning services we also polish hard floors.

Champion Services Group for your Hard Floor Cleaning in London

Champion Services Group offer leading hard floor cleaning services in London. We have over 20 years of experience in providing excellent services that enhance the look and feel of your hard floors. We have a team of dedicated professional cleaners who always go above and beyond to deliver the best quality cleaning.

Our team of professional floor cleaners is experienced as well as fully insured and able to clean the following types of floors:

Apart from cleaning floors made of these surfaces, our professional floor cleaning company offers the following hard floor services:

The hard floor surfaces we can clean for you

We clean a wide variety of hard floor surfaces in London. Below are the details of each surface and why its regular cleaning is important.


Marble adds a touch of luxury to your property’s flooring. It is generally used in the lobby and entrance areas of various commercial properties. Also, marble is usually the stone of choice for bathroom flooring in many hotels and spas. Marble is an expensive stone so having it cleaned by experienced floor cleaners professionally helps maintain its beautiful look as well as repel stains. Apart from cleaning, polishing it regularly enhances its unique elegance.

Natural stone

Natural stone flooring is perfect for both wet and dry areas of any property. That is why it can be commonly used in hotel and restaurant bathrooms, cloakrooms, halls, etc. It can also be used in outdoor areas like driveways and patios. Natural stones need to be regularly cleaned otherwise they can start to give an old and worn-out look. Also, ignoring its cleaning can lead to moisture damage and marks on the surface.


Limestone is a very durable and easy-to-clean material. That is why it is used extensively in commercial property flooring. This material is not just used in flooring but also on the walls of some buildings. Limestone’s porous surface makes stains stick in if not cleaned frequently. Professional hard floor cleaning of limestone flooring makes sure that it continues to look like new even after years of use. You also prevent any long-term staining.


Sandstone is used for flooring, paving, and cladding. It is also preferred in wet areas due to its high water-absorbing properties. It is said to absorb 50% more moisture than most other commonly used stones. Professional hard floor cleaning of sandstone will ensure that it retains its pristine look for years to come and lose none of its durability.


You can find travertine tiles used commonly in pool decks, patios, driveways, stair treads, etc in various commercial properties. It has a texture similar to marble and comes in various earthy tones. That is why it is so popular. Cleaning travertine floors will maintain their shine and durability.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles look beautiful and are easy to clean. That is why they are the most common flooring materials found in malls, banks, offices, schools, etc. Getting your ceramic tiles professionally cleaned ensures there are no scratches on them or stains. It helps maintain their shine as well.


Porcelain tiles are water-resistant and extremely durable. That is why they are used in areas where there can be water spillage and heavy objects placed upon them. Maintaining their cleanliness through professional hard floor cleaning ensures their longevity and attractiveness for years even after rough usage in commercial areas.


Granite flooring has recently become very popular in commercial areas. It is one of the most durable materials that does not crack or have scratches on it easily. It can be used in hotel lobbies, kitchens, offices, etc. Cleaning granite professionally brings out its natural shine and beauty.


Slate’s waterproof and stain-resistant quality makes it a good choice to be used in bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, and entryways of commercial properties. Slate also absorbs stains very easily so cleaning it professionally maintains its classy look for a long time.

Victorian quarry tiles

This material is only used in commercial buildings. It is a very hard material, which makes it extremely durable and suitable for areas where there is heavy footfall and heavy equipment. Victorian quarry tiles can stay like new for a lifetime if they are constantly cleaned and maintained.

Stone tiles

Stone tiles are suitable for both interior and exterior flooring in commercial areas. They can be used in offices, bathrooms, kitchens, waiting rooms, driveways, patios, etc. Stone tiles are a reliable material. Its cleaning should never be ignored. Commercial hard floor cleaning in London can help keep it looking attractive.

Commercial hard floor cleaning specialists in London

If you are looking to hire a hard floor cleaning specialist in London, then Champion Service Group is the perfect company for you to hire. We offer the best hard floor cleaning in London for all types floor surface of commercial properties.

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