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Concrete floors look stunning in a variety of settings, both commercial and residential. Linoleum, carpet, wood, tile, stone, and marble flooring can all be replaced with concrete floors. Concrete can be polished for a smooth, gleaming appearance, resurfaced in a variety of textures and finishes, or stained almost any colour.

Tiles, hard floors, and stone can appear beautiful while also being quite durable. These surfaces can, however, get soiled with time and with use, losing their colour and radiance. But do not worry, polished cement floors are resilient, long-lasting, and simple to keep clean. We have included some helpful tips and advice below.

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Champion Services Group Ltd. is a floor care expert with extensive expertise in the preservation, defence, and restoration of various hard floor types. We collaborate with commercial businesses, historical sites, private residences, and public service providers.

Our goal is to provide our clients with immaculately kept surfaces that highlight their inherent beauty.

Our knowledgeable and trustworthy team of polished concrete contractors love to assist our clients in making the most of their hard floors. We are prepared to assist you with your concrete polishing needs.

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Concrete floor polishing london

How much to polish concrete floors?

Before beginning any cleaning or restoration work, it is necessary to evaluate the floors and consult with the client about the possibilities and finishes that can be achieved. The polished concrete floors cost we can offer you at Champion Services Group will be discussed and agreed with you before we begin the work.

This ensures that we can offer you the most accurate and competitive price for the work that is bespoke to your needs for concrete polishing.

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How to remove stains from polished concrete floors?

If you stain your polished concrete floor we recommend your first course of action should be to use a dry dust mop.

For polished concrete we recommend that you frequently damp-mop with a pH-neutral cleanser or specific cleaners and conditioners. These cleansers leave behind a layer that is resistant to dirt in addition to just cleaning the surface. They can be applied with a mop and don't need to be rubbed. This will help prevent further future stains from occurring. Microfiber cleaning pads should be used for both dry and damp mopping.

To get rid of tough stains, wash the area with warm water and dish soap, then clean with a bristle brush (you can also add a degreaser if it is necessary to fully remove the stain)

A wet vac can help remove excess water from larger projects.

However if you are worried about how to remove the stain, or you are unable to remove it yourself do not worry; our experts in polished concrete floor london will be happy to help you.

How to care for polished concrete floors?

Because of the densification and polishing processes, polished concrete floors are incredibly durable.

They are usually simpler to maintain than other types of decorative concrete floors because they don't need sealers or waxes. If you keep polished concrete clean, it should last for many years.

A simple buffing with a commercial polishing chemical will typically restore the floor's lustre if it gradually loses it. The floors can be gently re-polished with a fine-grit abrasive if additional touch-up is needed.

Avoid using abrasive cleaning products on concrete since they could scratch the surface. Ingredients to check for and avoid include ammonia, lemon, bleach, vinegar, or pine cleaners.

Champion Services Group are experts in polished concrete flooring london.

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There is no flooring material that requires no upkeep, and polished cement floors are no exception.

Concrete floors are relatively simple to clean compared to other flooring types, especially carpet, but they still need routine upkeep. Follow the guidelines in this article to get stains off your polished concrete floors, and if you need help we are just a friendly phone call or email away.

We are a family run Specialist and Commercial Cleaning business based in Essex and London with over 20 years’ experience in the cleaning industry. We have a large amount of cleaning knowledge and an even bigger capacity to care for your commercial space or property.

Contact us to help you care for your polished concrete floors, we are experts at what we do, and we can do the hard work for you.

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